Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tell Tale

Heart filled rage! It's interesting how a sound can move one. The heartbeat has such a distinct rhythm it's immediately known to all who hear it. I should say feel it because this is what happens when you watch Tell Tale. Heart transplant patient, John Lucas (Terry) is haunted when his heartbeat picks up tempo each time he comes close to each person who was with a group of people who murder his donor. They killed just to extract the heart. Unfortunately, the bland thing about this movie is you can easily anticipate the scenes. Immediately you know what is going to transpire before it does. One little twist at the end doesn't even give the plot a surviving chance.

What is really frustrating about the theme of this movie is there really is no back story. You are left to guess what has happened and then you suddenly find the movie cluing you in at the most odd times. It's definitely a TOO LATE NOW moment!

If you've really have nothing else to do, watch this movie.

Main Characters:
John Lucas - Terry
Lena Heady - Doctor
Brian Cox - Dectective

Movie Rating - 4.5
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