Monday, February 15, 2010

The Proposal

Talk about comedic character chemistry, The Proposal is tops! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are simply fabulous in this movie together. The persona's and facial expressions Bullock pulls off in this flick are so outstanding I found myself watching over and over again just to catch glimpses of her performance ability. I have never seen an actress be able to provide so many impressions with believability. She has definitely come into her own as an actress giving me a little enthusiasm and anticipation to want to see more of her acting.

Margaret Tate, an editor at Colden books, who happens to be Canadian is about to be, "DE-PORTED?" Faced with finding a way to stay at her job in the U.S., she devises a scheme to get her trusted executive secretary (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her. This movie is one in which you will see all the beauty of an Alaskan landscape, and many little moments filled with hilarity. In order to catch them all you have to watch this movie more than once.

The Proposal is filled with many great one-liners and has a cast of characters guaranteed to entertain. Watch this movie!

Sandra Bullock - Magaret Tate
Ryan Reynolds - Andrew Paxton
Betty White - Annie
Mary Steenburgen - Ryan's Mother
Craig T. Nelson - Ryan's Father

Movie Rating - 9.8

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